Custom Car Wraps


Custom Car Wraps are becoming more and more popular for personal cars. There are so many options available that the possibilities are endless. You can put your name on your car, your business name, graphics, logos, and much much more. Having your car wrapped really makes you stand out from everyone else on the road. It will surely turn heads all day and night long. A Wrap can be applied to the entire car or just specific areas such as the hood, spoiler, roof, bumper, etc. In addition, if applied by a professional Car Wrap installer, it can be completely removed without any damage or residue left over on the original paint underneath. A few popular options for Car Wraps are Matte Black & Matte White.

A Custom Car Wrap is a cast vinyl material that is installed or adhered to the surface of your car. Car Wraps are usually done to enhance the appearance of your car. Car Wraps are not just for advertising, customers use custom car wraps to make their vehicles truly unique. Full Vehicle Wraps come in matte black, matte white, or the custom matte color of your choice. Boca Tint N Wraps has the solution to completely personalize your ride.

Custom Car Wraps are a way to add some style to your car without the cost of a new paint job.

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Benefits Of Car Wraps For Personal:

  • Protects your OEM (original equipment mfr) paint
  • Dramatically enhances the cars appearance
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Promote yourself or business
  • Protecting the paint helps to preserve the value of the car
  • Less expensive then a new paint job
  • Get paid to promote another business

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